Data-Driven Sales

Data-Driven Sales

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Data-Driven Sales brings together experts from high-growth SaaS companies, and shows exactly how they have used data to transform their companies. Written by 10 guest authors and covering topics like pricing, automating outbound, sales forecasting, hiring, and much more.

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This book provides actionable ways you can drastically improve every part of your sales processes. A must read for anyone in B2B sales.

Every chapter shows exactly how a company overcame their challenges and tactical ways you can do the same. Most sales advice in SaaS is generic. This isn't.

What’s inside

Chapter 1

The Key to Saas Pricing

Choosing the right pricing for your customers

Kyle Poyar

Kyle Poyar

Director of Market Strategy at OpenView

Chapter 2

Inbound Lead Qualification

How one marketer used data and machine learning to solve his lead quality problem

Francis Brero

Francis Brero

Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officier at MadKudu

Chapter 3

Outbound Sales Fundamentals

Using data and Outbound Ops to scale outbound sales

Ben Salzman Kyle Williams

Ben Salzman and Kyle Williams

Co-founders of Dogpatch Advisiors

Chapter 4

Automated Outbound Sales

How Segment increased outbound email conversion by 200%

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas

Founder of SimpleData and freelance journalist

Chapter 5

Sales Forecasting

The art and science of predictive sales forecasting

Neil Ryland

Neil Ryland

CRO at Peakon

Chapter 6

Finding Sales Triggers

How DigitalOcean closes more enterprise deals with automated sales triggers

Ed Fry

Ed Fry

Growth at Hull

Chapter 7

Sales Compensation

How Hubspot accelerated growth by optimizing sales compensation

David Skok

David Skok

VC at Matrix Partners, and the author of forEntrepreneurs

Chapter 8

Sales Operations

How to enable your team with great data and a repeatable sales process

Don Otvos

Don Otvos

Head of Solutions Engineering at Salesloft

Chapter 9

Sales Coaching

Using data to measure, motivate, and improve your sales team’s performance

Taft Love

Taft Love

Global Head of Sales Development and Sales Operations at SmartRecruiters

Chapter 10

Sales Hiring

What to look for in sales candidates & how to assess them

Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge

Bestselling author and former CRO of Hubspot

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