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With CRM-service, you can get the best possible CRM, which suits your extending company needs

Our agile project methods are sharpened to fast deliveries, where the customer is part of the workshops and therefore learning, developing and making sure that all their needs are met and the CRM is running the daily operations smoothly. Open Web Service gives endless possibilities to use the CRM data.

Key Elements of our amazing CRM System

With CRM-service, you can get the best possible CRM, which suits your extending company needs

CRM-service is a high-quality, flexible and easy-to-use customer relationship management system, which helps you create an even better work experience. Grow your system in modules or as packages, including state-of-the-art features and innovations – be it customer automation, sales funnel or invitation events. Have your daily activities unbelievably easy and fast just by the cost of monthly user fees. Browse more by selecting a package.

Customer Relationship Management

Manaing your clients and communication under one place. You will never have to worry about losing your company records.


Our business model is such that You do not need to invest in technology. We offer our software with a model tied to the business volumes. This means that with us you exploit automation at a cost that follows your business volumes.


All our endpoints are secure and monitored by a team of experts 24/7. We keep your data safe aswell as make sure you never have to worry about users access roles which are automatically handled by us

GDPR Compliance

Fully compatible with the GDPR compliance as well as all privacy laws and regulations.


We integrate with hundreds of external service to enable you to take full advantage of your creativity.

Customer Service

Top-Notch customer service, available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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