Clearbit for Segment

Push fully enriched user profiles to over 180 applications

Automatically add Clearbit data to the apps you already use.

Enrich signups and users

Clearbit for Segment transforms each new signup into a complete user profile, whether you want to push person and company data to your marketing automation platform for more targeted messaging, to analytics for a better understanding of your users, or even to a redshift database for some SQL goodness.

Clearbit Enrichment for Segment

Over 85 unique data points

Clearbit for Segment transforms each new email or domain into a complete person or company profile, enriching your customer understanding, and pushing that data to the apps you use every day.

Employee count

Social profiles

Job title

Total raised

Company location

Company sector

Tech detection

Clearbit integrations with Segment

Over 180 integrations

Segment's pre-built integrations give you instant access to hundreds of applications, so adding fully enriched Person and Company information to your system of records is as easy as flipping a switch.

No more complex, time consuming implementations. It just works.